Velvet Crab Closures

Velvet Crab Closures - Updated Friday 1 September 2017

Velvet Crab Closed Periods 2017 season

To: SSMO Licence Holders

  1. Every SSMO licenced creel vessel must tie up for a minimum consecutive eight week period during the months of June to October inclusive. This period will allow for the variability of the moulting season and the beginning of any eight week period should coincide with the appearance of soft shelled velvets in any given area.
  2. The licence holder must notify the SSMO of the intention to tie up giving at least 3 days clear notice of this intention with the closure starting on a Monday. For convenience, this can now be done by using the link on this website in the member's login area. The closure period cannot be backdated.
  3. The information on tie ups will be notified on the SSMO website.
  4. Buyers will receive email notification on a weekly basis of which vessels are not fishing and therefore cannot catch or land velvets.
  5. Anyone who has not notified the SSMO office of their intention to tie up by the last eight week period will be contacted and subject to an enforced tie up for eight weeks of the remaining closed period ie (Monday 4 September - Sunday 29 October 2017).
  6. This is a compulsory measure for all vessels currently or intending to land velvets.

First contact - Carole Laignel, SSMO - 693197or
Second contact- Una Simpson, SFPO - 693197 or