Scalloway Harbour repairs

Would all users of the West Dock and West Quay area in Scalloway Harbour be aware that repair works on the low level face near the pontoon will commence in the near future. From the week beginning 20 February 2017 no shellfish should be hung from railings, pontoons piers etc as these repair works could make the water unsuitable for shellfish survival.

From approximately mid-March till mid-May the berth which runs North/South near the pontoon must not be used by any vessels. Warning buoys etc will be deployed to warn users of this and vessels must always be aware of potential diving operations being carried out in this vicinity. Any vessels using the pontoon facility must proceed with utmost care.

If anyone has any questions about this notice then please get in touch with Scalloway Harbour office on 01595 744221 or call on channel 14.