SSMO agrees to fishermen's request to shorten buckie season

Buckies caught in Yell Sound to be savoured in South Korea

Shetland's buckie fishery has been cut from seven to five months in response to conservation concerns from the fishermen involved.

The season opens on 1st February and will run until midnight on 30th June.

Last year a 600-pot limit was introduced in Shetland but this was not enough to address the emerging problem reported by some fishermen who were seeing the results of overfishing in some areas.

Fishermen active in the buckie (common whelk) fishery over the last decade were consulted about what might be done to address the issue. An overwhelming majority opted for a shorter season with most suggesting four or five months.

Following advice from the SSMO Advisory Group, the SSMO Board agreed a five-month season for 2024.

The main market for buckies is Asia, particularly South Korea.